Base Concept

In the basic scenario of the crypto world, recommending crypto leads to purchase; however, there is no incentive for recommending crypto. On the other hand, recommending anyone to purchase a MetaCrypt Token yields 5% expert reward per trade. Price of MetaCrypt depends on demand & supply theory, for each MetaCrypt token added or removed from circulation, the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETL (approximately .00000001 ETL)

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MetaCrypt is a totally decentralized community exchange dapp

By The Community, For The Community


Open Source

MetaCrypt Smart contract is verified on the EtherLite Mainnet that is fully transparent and open source. The code is backed by the EtherLite Mainnet, feel free to take a look at the divine mathematics and logic, the code is open for all to see. So, as long as the EtherLite Mainnet network exists, so will the MetaCrypt Dapp. Every transaction is handled by a piece of unchangeable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract. Decentralized Democracy has finally arrived.


Supply = Value

MetaCrypt has a maximum supply of 1000 million tokens. Token purchase increases the value while token sale decreases the value. Our advice is to transfer the token as it will burn a fractional token from the supply chain, increasing the collective value of the token reserve. Selling the token is not recommended as it burns the complete token per transaction. Transferring MetaCrypt tokens is a preferred way to balance token value over a long period of time.


Expert Link

Expert links generates personalized links that are recognized by MetaCrypt website. Transactions on website via link earns 5% expert rewards. This is the active gains program, MetaCrypt lets you build networks that rewards you! Please note that the link becomes active once you have 1.1 token.


Withdraw Anytime

MetaCrypt smart contract holds all ETL ever put in the contract and calculates all ETL during withdrawal. Users can withdraw anytime from total fund of Dividend Fund + Fund by Selling MetaCrypt + Expert Reward with just one click.

Humans cannot turn it down as it is completely decentralized.

Earn Every Time When MetaCrypt Is Traded.Earn Every Time When MetaCrypt Is Traded.

Key Differentials Of Crypto Eco-System

Centralized Exchange DEX MetaCrypt Dapp
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In the context of the crypto world, Dapp like MetaCrypt runs on a blockchain network in a public, open-source, and decentralized environment. Dapps are free from control and interference by any single authority.


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Purchase Tokens Directly From MetaCrypt Using ETL.

Take A Repose

That’s It, You’re A Believer Now. With Continuous Volume You’ll Receive A Steady Flow Of ETL For As Long As You Have Faith.

Strong Mind

Don’t give up, you can lose only when selling the tokens.

Instant Rewards

Expert Connections Can Supply A Steady Stream Of ETL, Anywhere That You Have A Unique Opportunity To Direct Others Here !!

Expert Link

Our Site Remembers Who You Brought Here, You Get Credit For Every MetaCrypt Token They Acquire In The Future. The Cleverer Your Network, The More You’ll Earn. Hook Up Your Expert Link, MetaCrypt Encourages It.

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